Main benefits

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Provide a better experience to its users, employees and customers with unique access credentials for all systems

  • Increase security

    Increase security

    Increase the security level of the corporate environment with a full process of identity and access management

  • Compliance


    Makes it easy to compliance

  • Reduced operational costs

    Reduced operational costs

    Keep your team focused on business and reduce the number of internal tickets using automated processes for provisioning, de-provisioning and user self-service

  • Improved end user productivity

    Improved end user productivity

    Provide all necessary access and correct profiles at the time that the user needs

  • Integration


    Solution of Single Sign-On and identity and access management plug-n-play on a Cloud or On-Premise with connectors for any systems (Microsoft Active Directory, Google Apps, Database, cPannel, CSV file, Excel file, linux and others)

“At this vídeo i`ll show you the top challenges about identity and access manager, how to solve and the SafeId a definitive solutions to your problems about identity and access manager.”

Helvio Junior
– CEO SafeTrend

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